I Don’t Want 100 Followers

Writing with no strings attached

Josué Sánchez


A comic character is sad and has a dark cloud over his head with the word “100”
Art by Josue Sanchez

I’m back to blogging; wait, I should say, writing (blogging seems to be an outdated term). I love it, and it is therapeutic. My therapist recommended it to me, and, as usual, I follow her instructions, so here I am.

Every morning I have the same routine:

  • Drop off my daughter at her school.
  • Go to Starbucks.
  • Help my church with their social media accounts (10 mins).
  • Draw and write (1 hour).
  • Read (1 hour).
  • Go home to take the dog outside and eat.

Medium came to the picture just a few weeks ago, not even a month. What a discovery! It’s super easy to set a profile, there are no ads, and I can read quality content. I don’t mind paying a $5 fee for the experience!

Many Medium writers even make money! Not much, but enough to pay for your monthly coffee (only 10% earn $100 or more). That is, in my opinion, both a blessing and a curse.

It is a blessing because everyone has the opportunity to make some small passive income if they are good writers.

It is a curse because only those who have more than 100 followers can get into the program. And THAT is the problem. Allow me to explain.

I see quite a few members desperately trying to pass the 100 follower barrier with the typical follow-for-follow spammy technique. That cheapens the platform.

I’ve decided to stop reading posts on how to accumulate followers, but focus on writing consistently. Not to gain a ghost network, but because writing per se is therapeutic.

I want to be free to express my thoughts with no strings attached. My goal isn’t for you to read my articles to earn a few cents each time you read them. Instead, I want you to join me in the journey of rediscovering myself. We can even become friends, who knows!

I don’t have an agenda.

I’m free.



Josué Sánchez

I rather be excluded for who I include, than included for who I exclude // co-founder of empathy.cafe